7 things to do in Berlin with kids

7 things to do in Berlin with kids

You want to go, but are not sure if it’s suitable to go to Berlin with kids…? Hopefully this blog post written by Patrick might help. Patrick is a father and he blogs at the wonderful Mannufaktur. A blogazine dedicated to fathers and their kids. The main topics are DIY, food and things you can do in your free time. For all the lovely people who are thinking about going to Berlin with their kids he wrote a list with the 7 best placed in the city you can visit with your kids!!

Hi, my name is Patrick and I’m from Berlin, Germany. Today I will be talking about things you can do with your kids when you’re in Berlin. Everybody knows the „Fernsehturm“, the „Brandenburger Tor“ and the „Reichstag“. The German capital offers great attractions, museums, parks and other free time activities. You can find the most important ones in every tourist guide.

My list however includes things which are not necessarily in the travel guide. Places where you can meet more local people than tourists and where you and your kids can have a lot of fun. The list is not complete but I think it offers you a good starting point off the beaten track.

One bit of advice before we start: don’t visit Berlin in winter! The city doesn’t look very sexy in this season and could make you sad 🙂 If you love Christmas markets, you can visit us nonetheless (we have several great Christmas markets), otherwise you should plan your trip for late spring, summer or early autumn. Ready? Let’s go!

Berlin off the beaten track

1. Panoramapunkt Potsdamer Platz 

The Panoramapunkt offers you one of the best sunsets in town! But that’s not all.

Step into the fastest elevator in Europe to begin your journey through the eventful history of one of the world’s most significant and popular squares.

In just 20 seconds you will be whisked up to the 24th floor, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Berlin. No other place offers such spectacular views of the city’s most famous landmarks and historic sites! The Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column and Bellevue Palace are all just a stone’s throw away.

The open-air exhibition “Views of Berlin” will show you how this historic site has been completely transformed again and again: from a quiet green to the pulsing heart of a major city, from the height of luxury to a field of rubble, from a no man’s land to the new centre of Berlin.

2. Flughafen Tempelhof

The Tempelhof Airport is a very historic place, especially for Berliners. After World War II the US Government flew in food which their Candy bombers (Rosinenbomber in German) dropped into the city. After that Tempelhof was used as an inner-city airport.

The airport closed in 2010. The 300-hectare big area is now a huge free space for the people of Berlin. You can skate, stroll, have a picnic, chill. You can even fly a kite at the airport.

There are some interesting artistic and social projects, too. This massive expanse is just breathtaking.

3. Gleisdreieckpark – Playgrounds

The park at Gleisdreieck is a newly created park in the grounds of the Anhalter and Potsdam freight yard. The whole park is an impressive 26 hectares. The special feature is that there are seven different playgrounds! Every child should find something interesting. Football, basketball, swings, slides, etc. You can spend hours in this park.

4. Computerspielmuseum

The first museum about computer games was founded in Berlin. It is a great possibility to travel back in time – especially for parents 🙂 Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Mario… All of them are there. The exhibition „Evolution eines Mediums” (“Computer Games. Evolution of a Medium”) opened on January 21st 2011. Containing over 300 exhibits, including rare originals, playable classics, and more, this museum will turn you into “Homo Ludens Digitalis”. In order for you to create your own image of the games that made this medium of entertainment possible. Make your visit a historical journey of games and their creators with things to do and see for everyone of all ages!

5. Deutsches Technikmuseum und Spectrum

This tip is particularly suitable for little scientists. The huge area offers you an opportunity to find out about the history and science behind the appliances and things we use every day.

There are aero planes and ships to look at, and real railway locomotives. Watch a suitcase being made, or find out how jewellery is manufactured.

At Science Center Spectrum you can do more than 150 hands-on experiments to learn through play and discover that physics can be fun.

It is here where young and old alike can also gain a better understanding of scientific discoveries and natural phenomena.

6. Parkeisenbahn Wuhlheide

In the Volkspark Wuhlheide, in the district Treptow-Köpenick, you can have a ride through the park with the park-railway. The journey takes 35 minutes and kids and teenagers can operate the little trains with their own hands!

7. Britzer Garten

The Britzer Garten is a nice and large garden area with some lakes, special gardens with different topics and wide lawn-spaces where you can relax. There are also a couple of great playgrounds for kids.

I hope my tips are interesting and helpful to you. It was a pleasure to share them – a big thank you to the Bloom Bakers ladies Lisa and Saskia for this opportunity! See you in Berlin!

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