A living list of great UK based Small Businesses

We are a small business. Started in 2016 by Lisa and me. We now have a team of 5 women who work together with us. We have experienced first-hand how transformative it is when you buy from a small business.

Buying from the big shots like Amazon and eBay is easy, but the experience you get from supporting small and indie shops is so different. We’re talking responses from real people who are genuinely pleased to help you. Handwritten notes with orders. Quick responses to queries by real people (often the founders themselves). Business owners who are happy to go the extra mile just because they can to make you happy.

We too love to buy from small businesses. I went around the team to get some suggestions of great indie shops all over the UK that they like to support. We hope there is some inspiration for you in there as well! Over time we will be sure to keep adding to this list!


Baskets from the basket room

The Basket Room – Lovely ethically sourced beautiful handwoven baskets from Africa. Amy, who works for us, has many of their baskets which she uses not only for herself but also in her daughters’ rooms. 

Design @ Six – A really nice gift shop in Wetherby. The owner is lovely and very welcoming and always happy to offer her help. (Instore only)

SmallKind – Run by my son’s best friend’s mum. Natalie created the most wonderful business of eco-friendly lifestyle products and ships them all over the UK.

Handmade Nottingham – Run by a friend that Holly (our production manager) went to school with so she’s always ready to support her. She handpicks items to sell by other small businesses with a lot of handmade and unique products. 

Red Paper House – Amy Hall of Leeds creates the most beautiful jewellery from sustainably sourced and reclaimed materials. Lisa’s go to earrings, literally wears them every day!!

Book shops

The little bookshop in Leeds Chapel Allterton

The little bookshop in Chapel Allerton – Holly and Saskia both take their kids in. When they were younger to read to and now to marvel and choose books together. 

Reading Roots – Reading Roots is a small independent book shop in Wetherby. Amy (artisan biscuit baker & designer) used them several times for myself and daughters and think there great, very helpful and always willing to help with a lovely selection of books.

Food & Drink

Cakes by michelle walker

Wildcraft Bakery – A specialist Gluten Free bakery. With some of the best bread you will have ever tasted. Both celiacs and non-celiacs will confirm that. And on top of that, there are so many other delicious food products to enjoy.

Cakes by Michelle Walker – The best looking and best-tasting wedding and celebration cakes. Her creations are second to none!

Frankly Delicious – Frank wants to change the world of chocolate, creating the most delicious bean to bar flavour creations here in Leeds guaranteed no child labour involved.


Bathroom cabinet

D-Workx – Beautiful refurbished mid-century modern and handmade pieces of furniture tailor-made for the modern home.


Woof pets

Woof – An independent pet store in Oakwood, quality handpicked items and natural foods for dogs.


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