About Us

We are a bakery based in North Leeds, specialising in (bespoke) biscuits, fruit pies & cakes. Mostly baked to our Northern European heritage. You can buy our treats online and at local markets.


We exist by virtue of the fact that we want to offer something different. Not something better, the English baking tradition is already great! Instead we offer a choice beyond what your preferred biscuit, slice of cake, celebration cake or wedding cake might be. Neither of us are from the UK, after moving here we wanted to share the baked treats that we grew up with and how we always celebrated special occasions such as birthdays, christenings, marriages and anniversaries.

Northern European

Bloom Bakers was created from our home kitchens. A place where we experimented with German and Dutch classics such as Apple Pie, Soft Florentines, Cherry Pie, Red Wine Cake, etc. Slowly but surely we ventured out to other Northern European countries (including the UK) to try out their baked goods.

Call it Rustic/ Artisan

What we produce is an alternative that is only ever so subtly different. We’re taking you on a little detour from the everyday, the usual. Our aim with Bloom Bakers is to add flavour and diversify the treats landscape. We are excited most by how biscuits and cake can taste, and that’s why we keep our products simple. We strip them back to their essence. We don’t cover them up in icing, but celebrate the artisan/rustic look of real pastry, real cake, real pie.


What makes the difference in our products is that we come from baking traditions that use a lot of nuts, cinnamon, vanilla sugar, red currants, etc., ingredients that many traditional English recipes do not usually call for. So, while it’s still a cake or a familiar looking biscuit, the flavours might just have a bit more depth to them.

Our offering has proved decidedly popular as we ship our goods all over the country! We have even had the occasional request from the Continent.

So in short, we create delicious Northern European treats in the heart of Yorkshire.


Co-Founder and Baker

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Co-Founder and Baker

Dutch / Cameroonian / mother of two / girlfriend / sister / daughter / friend / cyclist / traveller / foodie / DIY / digital marketer / BAKER /

Picture of Bloom Baker Saskia Roskam
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