Bespoke Paw Print Biscuits for DogFest 2019



55 bags of paw print biscuits


Biscuits for influencers who are attending the show

Biscuit Style:

Edible paper logo biscuits

Turnaround time:

2 weeks

Additional elements:

Two different logo’s used.

Influencer paw print biscuits

These paw print biscuits for DogFest were made for the annual ultimate dogs day out. The events is held up and down the country. And the organisers wanted to create a buzz around the event through engagement with influencers. Part of that was done by sending the influencers these bespoke biscuits ahead of the event.

Dog Fest Dog Paw biscuits made by Bloom Bakers
Dog Fest 2019 poster
Dog Fest Dog Paw biscuits made by Bloom Bakers

We had really clear and good communication with the client. In terms of how to add the branding to the biscuits. How many and what size the biscuits were going to be. Last but not least the colour that was going to be have to matched with the fondant icing.

We love the colourful nature of these branded paw print biscuits!


“We received the biscuits and they look great! We’re very happy with the design. Thank you! We posted a few off to our influencers yesterday already.”

P. Russell, Fitzall Media

Bespoke Corporate Biscuits

We specialise in creating bespoke/ personalised biscuits for businesses. If you are interested in learning more about how our biscuits can serve your company then do read more about our service on our dedicated page corporate & branded biscuits page.

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