Biscuits for International Women’s Day

Biscuits for International Women’s Day

The world celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th and Leeds was going to host a wide range of exciting events all over the city in honour of us women. Leeds City Council had approached us a few weeks earlier with a request to make bespoke biscuits for their event at Leeds Town Hall.

400 Biscuits for #IWDLeeds

We were told we were the perfect match, being a local business run by two women, and were more than humbled to be asked to be part of the event.

Not only did we get to bake 400 beautiful biscuits engraved with the hashtag of the day “#IWDLeeds” and a cute owl, the symbol of Leeds, we also got invited to attend the event.

March 8th 2017

It felt incredible to enter the stunning Victoria Hall at Leeds Town Hall and see all the biscuits laid out at the beautifully decorated tables. And not only that, the organisers had also put our logo in their programme and given us a mention on the big screen. And as the cherry on the cake, our logo will also be showcased at Millennium Square for the rest of the month!!!

A great moment of pride for us Bloom Bakers.

Thank you to – US!

Inspiring speeches and workshops

The speeches and workshops held by Cllr Judith Blake, Tom Riordan, Nicola Furbisher, Jeanette Morris-Boam and Cllr Alison Lowe and were more than empowering and inspiring. We felt very touched by the stories of these incredibly strong women and are in ore of their support of others as well as their ability to keep fighting for equality. There is a lot to be done in the world, apparently it will take until 2168 for women to have equal chances to men. One in 3 women has experiences a form of abuse throughout her life. This needs to stop and Leeds wants to make a difference. Something we could really feel during the event.

The atmosphere was lovely, the audience was a really diverse mix of women (and men) of different backgrounds and ages. It felt friendly and respectful. A gentle reminder of something us women need to work on – we need to see each others as sisters and support each other more rather than seeing each other as competition.

It was amazing to be part of this truly wonderful event! We are very grateful to have met some of Leeds’ inspiring women! Thank you keep up your amazing work!

If you are interested in custom made biscuits carrying the message of your event or special day, then do get in contact with us. We are happy to hear your ideas and go over options. You can contact Or go to our contact form here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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