Biscuits for Weddings

Your wedding day is a personal story. The big day is about your love for each other, expressed through both your personal styles and your characters. Our bespoke biscuits for weddings can help add those final touches of character to your special day!

personalised wedding biscuits filled with jam made by Bloom Bakers

The types and styles of wedding biscuits we can create for you are endless. But we do have some favourites that are requested time and time again. We think you might like them too!

Jam biscuits for weddings

On the wedding scene we are best known for our personalised jam biscuits. These delicious one of a kind personalised jammy biscuits are sure to delight your guests. We can impress a.o. names, dates, wedding symbols onto your jam biscuits.


It is our mission to be good to people and the planet. That is why all our packaging is either compostable or recyclable as standard.

Safe shipping

Large orders are sent by courier all over the UK. And all biscuits are neatly packaged between layers of compostable bubble wrap.

Made by hand

Each biscuit is lovingly made by hand. We choose to only bake to order, as this ensures there is little to no waste; only fresh and super tasty biscuits!

Fondant biscuits for weddings

These are great if you are looking for a colourful biscuit to match your wedding’s colour scheme. We can impress these biscuits with names, messages, emblems, family crests, etc.

Personalised wedding biscuits

Do not worry if none of the above biscuits suit your taste or needs. Our service is completely bespoke and we would like to work together with you to create the best wedding biscuits for your special day.

Kindly send your preferred biscuit examples to We are confident that our team of expert bakers and biscuit decorators can bring your ideas to life!

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