Everyone loves free shipping!

And that’s why we now offer free postage for any shop purchase over the value of £18.75. You might think that we now charge more per personalised box…

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Lebkuchen the authentic German Gingerbread biscuit stacked witch a yellow ribbon around them

Elisen-Lebkuchen – the queen of German Christmas biscuits

With one half of Bloom Bakers hailing from Nuremberg, we had to add Elisen-Lebkuchen to our product range as soon as the first Christmas…

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Bespoke biscuits made for a wedding

Personalised Biscuits by Post

In today’s global world, many of us live far away from friends and family. We have less time and opportunity to chat over a…

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Lisa and Saskia Co-founders of Bloom Bakers at Eat North Street food event

Bloom Bakers at Eat North

Time flies and we hadn’t done a market since Christmas. Mainly because Lisa had a baby and I have been busy fulfilling online orders…

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Few small bespoke biscuits boxes

IWD 2018: Inspirational Leeds Women

8th of March marks International Women’s Day and we feel it is the perfect day to celebrate 7 amazing women in Leeds who helped…

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Biscuit decorating workshops

Towards the end of 2017 we have not only been busy with many of your tasty Christmas orders, we have also organised two biscuit…

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Baking and decorating workshops in Leeds

  We have been invited to hold a number of workshops in the past couple of months and want to share some pictures with…

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Becoming ambassadors for Child Friendly Leeds

Have you heard of Child Friendly Leeds? It is a fantastic initiative by Leeds City Council whose main objective is to make our city…

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Bloom Bakers at Hessian cafe

Don’t dream your life, live your dream! This is exactly what we have been doing and we can more than ever vouch for living your dreams.…

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Biscuits for International Women’s Day

The world celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th and Leeds was going to host a wide range of exciting events all over the…

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