5 things to do on a sunny day in and around Leeds

Spring has arrived, even in Leeds. We have been desperately awaiting the sunshine and long evenings outside. As you might know, we are not…

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Our first Twitter competition

Last week we decided to run our first Twitter competition. We wanted to get ourselves out there a little bit more and increase our…

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Who else sells Germanic treats in Yorkshire?

The more we explore Leeds and Yorkshire, the more we discover home away from home treats. We haven’t come across anyone selling the Dutch…

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Gluten-free Apple Pie

We created a gluten-free version of our classic apple pie! At our last market we gave some left-over apple pies to other stall holders.…

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What makes a Dutch apple pie?

I grew up with apple pie. In the Netherlands there literally is no occasion that doesn’t call for it. We serve it at birthdays,…

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Our first market experience

It has been over a week since our first market at Kirkstall Deli and the dust has settled a little bit. Time to reflect…

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What does Germanic mean?

So what does Germanic mean? We appreciate the fact that not everyone might be aware of the exact meaning of the word ‘Germanic’. It…

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The ultimate Dutch pancake recipe

Pancake Day is here! Since the Dutch “celebrate” pancake day pretty much twice a month, we were asked by the Yorkshire Evening Post to…

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Thomas Edison

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

The adventure is beginning!

Around Christmas Saskia dropped me an email saying she would do it and if I wanted to be part of it I just need…

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