Bloom Bakers at Eat North

Bloom Bakers at Eat North

Time flies and we hadn’t done a market since Christmas. Mainly because Lisa had a baby and I have been busy fulfilling online orders that come through our website. This meant that we hadn’t actually baked for a market in about six months! So when Eat North, the weekly summer street food event at North Brewing Co came along, we were a bit out of our regular market mojo.

Close up of Bloom Bakers treats at eat north in Leeds


We had stored all our trinkets in the attic over the winter period when there are no markets anyway. And we were left wondering how much to bake for this event since it was our first time at Eat North. We had both been as customers on several occasions. Since the weather had been extremely good all month we figured we would just go for it. So we baked pretty much everything in our offering. After all one can never have too much choice right?

Bloom Bakers spread of treats at eat north in Leeds

The treats table

We came with cinnamon swirls, carrot cake, beetroot cake, Linzer torte, cherry pie, vegan apple pie, brownies in three varieties, sticky toffee buns and bags of biscuits. And as always it was hard for people not to like what they saw 😉

NOrth Brewery eat north event in Leeds Bloom Bakers treats table

The event itself was pretty much everything anyone would want: incredibly laid back and chilled atmosphere, people of all ages, kids and doggies. The music was amazing – jazz tunes spun together by this guy. I had the pleasure of sharing the entry space to the bar with him and his records. The food was sooo tasty and we can literally not wait to come back again on the 21st of July. We were two very happy traders.

Caricature of LIsa and Saskia co-founders of BLoom Bakers

Learn more about the event

If you want to know more about this event then check out their dedicated FB page. Eat North is organized by Leeds Indie Food. Drop them a line if you are interested in trading there or with any other questions. I am sure they would love to hear from you.

Our next big market event will be North Leeds Food Festival which is on during the whole weekend of June 30th – 1 of July.

Hope to see you soon at one of those markets!

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