The women behind Bloom Bakers on Instagram

Did you know we share on Instagram as well?
You might find it interesting to know a bit more about that particular social media outlet of ours. From the beginning we always said that for us Instagram is so much more than a showroom for our products. We wanted it to be the place where we share the story of us. The women behind Bloom Bakers. Our everyday lives. Our lives as Mums. Our lives as women, girlfriends, wives, etc. A lovely medley of Bloom Bakers related pictures and some more personal snaps.

We give you a bit of an overview below to get a better understanding of who we are outside of our business.
Head over to our Instagram account for more.

My little wedding 💕 #beautifulday #sunflower #bride #me #lisa #memories #scotland #bloombakersduo

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#Repost @gloriagav ・・・ Enjoying my florentines! They are perfect! #cookies #afternoontreat

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