Branded gingerbread

A gift that tastes like Christmas. A good gingerbread biscuit encapsulates all the best Christmas flavours. Our gingerbread biscuits are based on the German and Dutch spiced shortcrust biscuits called spekulatius or spekulaas flavours. We make them with our own spice blend of cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg and ginger, just to name a few. What makes them truly unique though, is that we can brand them to your bespoke needs and specifications.

They are great as additions to Christmas hampers, food platters or as stand alone gifts.

Have them your way

Choose to go traditional with a gingerbread man shape. Or break away from the mould and let us create gingerbread women, snowflakes, reindeers, Christmas trees – the list goes on! Whatever your preference, know that we can create pretty much any shape or size branded gingerbread.

German gingerbread

We also offer premium German gingerbread called Lebkuchen. These are a sumptuous, rich cake-like biscuits made with a blend of nuts and warming spices. They make the ideal staff/client gift or stocking filler as they come in highly decorative tins.

Branded gingerbread as a corporate gift

Our service is completely bespoke, which means we are here to work with you to create the best Christmas biscuit for your occasion.

Previously our branded gingerbread biscuits have been ordered to:

  • Gift to clients
  • Gift to employees and team members
  • Enhance virtual events
  • Enhance Christmas parties
  • Send as PR mailers
  • Send out in influencer goodie bags
  • Celebrate a company milestone or launch
  • and many other occasions

Order specifications

We have baked branded gingerbread biscuits for large multinationals like Amazon as well as small businesses. There is no minimum order volume and with a few weeks notice we can turn around up to 5,000 units quite easily.

All biscuits can:

  • come individually wrapped in compostable bags
  • be packaged in letterbox friendly boxes of 1, 2,4, 6 biscuits each
  • be sent to individual home addresses
  • topped with your logo printed on a wafer
  • brand name, message or logo stamped into the dough or fondant

Enquire today

If you are interested in our gingerbread biscuits and would like to find out more or receive a sample, please do contact or use the contact form below.


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