Case Study: Personalised Biscuits for Fendi

Case Study: Personalised Biscuits for Fendi

Every once in a while, you receive an email that just makes your heart skip a beat.  

This happened to us late August, when we were asked to bake biscuits for no other that Italian fashion brand Fendi. Over the summer the brand had taken over the café in Harrods and turned it into Fendi café. Everything in the café was by Fendi design. Right up to the biscuits being served with Fendi logo topped cappuccinos 

The question from Rome (by way of a middleman) was simple: Can we make the 200 biscuits?  

In those moments there really is only one answer: YES! We can. 

Baking these biscuits was a privilege (and a small challenge). 

Everything about this order was 100% bespoke. We created a bespoke cutter that was identical to the famous Fendi ‘F’.

Bespoke biscuit cutter with Fendi F

The biscuits needed to have reasonably sharp corners and be of a certain size. So every single square was cut out by hand. And I mean truly by hand. No cutter in sight only a knife. 

Have a look at the end results and let us know what you think!? 

Fendi branded biscuits made by Bloom Bakers


Should you be interested in a similar level of bespoke biscuits for your establishment or event then please do not hesitate to contact us

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