Branded Jam Biscuits for Businesses

We specialise in branded jam biscuits. These delicious sizeable biscuits can be impressed with (brand) names, slogans, hashtags or straplines, etc.

Our sandwiched jam biscuits are unique in the world of branded biscuits. Everyone loves biscuits, but these bring back a sense of nostalgia! They are reminiscent of a good old jammy dodger.

What makes them so good?

They are inspired by a traditional Austrian Christmas biscuit called: Linzer cookie.

Nigella Lawson wrote about Linzer cookies on BBC Food. Her words perfectly convey how truly special these biscuits are:

In its wildest dreams, a jammy dodger could never aspire to the melting tenderness and celestial lightness of the Linzer cookie. The idea is the same: two biscuits, sandwiched together with jam, a hole or small shape cut out of the top one so that the jam glints beckoningly through. But the Linzer cookie’s dough is rich and short. It’s the extravagant Austrian Christmas version. – Nigella Lawson


Katie Hart

I cannot thank the team at Bloom Bakers enough for their patience, skills and recipes! The biscuits I have received look stunning and taste wonderful. I am so proud and excited to be sending them out to my customers.

Scamp and Dude

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for the biscuits. They are amazing! Thanks so much. Jo xx


They look great – thank you 😊I am sure people will love them and I look forward to receiving my own!! Thanks for all your help and pleased to be able to support another Yorkshire business. Helen

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