Everyone loves free shipping!

Everyone loves free shipping!

And that’s why we now offer free postage for any shop purchase over the value of £19.

A box of personalised happy birthday biscuits

You might think that we now charge more per personalised box of biscuits. But quite the opposite is true. A biscuit box in the post is now £19. And if you are in Leeds and happy to pick up from our kitchen door, you receive a generous 20% discount! 

As for cakes…

…we hardly post them due to their relative short shelf life. So you best keep picking them up from our kitchen door. If you don’t live in Leeds but would still like to enjoy our cakes, do get in touch and we will give you options.

Bespoke & corporate orders

We receive many bespoke orders for special occasions like big corporate events, weddings, christenings, etc. These orders are always tailor-made so we cannot guarantee free delivery on these. Please get in touch via us@bloombakers.co.uk with your requirements and we will work out the best value.


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