Our first Twitter competition

Our first Twitter competition

Last week we decided to run our first Twitter competition. We wanted to get ourselves out there a little bit more and increase our following. The prize was two bags of our handmade German biscuits, one bag of Vanilla biscuits and one bag of Jam Sandwich biscuits.

To enter, all people needed to do was to follow us and to retweet the competition tweet including the hashtag #bloombakersbiscuits.


We decided to let the competition run over the course of four days. We were not 100% about what we were doing; social media is not our forte per se. We had a lot of questions. Like: How many times a day should we tweet about it? How should we make clear that existing followers could also take part? This was a learning curve for us.

By the end of day three we had 20 people who followed us and retweeted our competition tweets. And to be honest we were pretty happy with that result.

Then on Monday morning it was like the floodgates openend. Someone influential on Twitter must have retweeted our competition tweet and all of the sudden things were taking off. In less than an hour we gained 20 followers and by the end of that day we were 250 followers up (!).

Not only did we gain a heap of new followers, we also got some amazing feedback:

These comments mean the world to us and our little start-up Bloom Bakers!

We were only going to give away one set of biscuits, but felt so thankful that we wanted to give a bit more back to our amazing new followers. So we picked two winners, the lovely Sandra from @Beauty_Balm as well as the amazing Lauren from @clumsybaby.


Due to the great interest and huge success we will be running these type of competitions regularly, so if you didn’t win this time, try your luck again in May!

Existing followers are just as welcome to take part!

Watch this space and good luck for next time!

Lisa & Saskia

P.S. Please read ourT&Cs

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