Gingerbread trees for JTI



9,000 decorated Christmas trees

Turnaround time:

4 weeks

Additional elements:

Individually packed in gift boxes with a branded note

Christmas biscuit gifts for customers

We had worked with JTI in 2020 for a smaller order. The response from their customers on that collaboration was so good that they came back again for a significantly larger order.

It is not every day that we get an order for 9,000 biscuits, so the excitement in the kitchen was huge! We quickly organised additional seasonal helpers to manage the workload (in an already busy Christmas schedule) and got to work…

The client required three shipments of 3,000 units. Each gingerbread tree biscuit would be handmade with our signature gingerbread dough, decorated by hand with Royal icing, and packed in luxurious gift boxes with a little Christmas message from the client.

Christmas biscuits hand finished for JTI
JTI Logo

One of the main reasons JTI was comfortable placing such a big order is because our biscuits delivered something far greater than just a delicious treat. It helped them improve their Trustpilot reviews.

We spotted a few examples and were so humbled to see our biscuits had such an impact:

Nordic Spirit Trustpilot review
Nordic Spirit Trustpilot review

This order confirmed once again that our biscuits leave an impact. We are so thankful for our clients like JTI who share little details about the improving reviews with us, as this is something we can now offer to other clients.

So, on that note, if you are looking for a sweet and thoughtful way to your customers’ hearts, please contact us for a quote!

Our service is completely bespoke, and we are always happy to develop ideas together with you to come up with the perfect product to suit your requirements.


“An impressive turnaround! Thank you very much for accepting such a large order and rising to the challenge of such a tight deadline 👏👏👏”

C Osborne, JTI

Bespoke Corporate Biscuits

We specialise in creating bespoke/ personalised biscuits for businesses. If you are interested in learning more about how our biscuits can serve your company then do read more about our service on our dedicated page corporate & branded biscuits page.

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