Hotel Biscuits

It’s the little things that matter when it comes to creating that all important first impression for your guests. And luxurious hotel room biscuits to greet your guests with, can make that difference.

Jam biscuits for Clarion by Bloom Bakers

Mass produced hotel biscuits from brands like Border, Biscoff, Bronte or Crawfords can be great, but they have their limitations. For instance, you can’t write your establishment’s name on them. Nor can you get them in your brand colours, impressed or shaped like your logo. Nor do they tend to come in eco-friendly packaging for the conscious consumer. 

With our hotel biscuit options, you are limited only by your imagination!

Bespoke hand iced biscuits for Charles Russell Speechlys by Bloom Bakers

Our handmade hotel biscuits are shipped all over the UK. Whether you are a large five-star hotel, a smaller Boutique Hotel, a luxurious Spa Hotel, Bed & Breakfast or an Airbnb holiday rental, we would love to create some delicious personalised biscuits for your guests.

Why choose Bloom Bakers?

Personalised iced message biscuits by bloom Bakers
  • Beautiful range of delicious handmade biscuits baked to traditional recipes
  • Always handmade to order in Yorkshire using high-quality ingredients
  • Bespoke service: biscuits can come in any shape or size
  • All biscuits can be individually wrapped in transparent compostable bags which are sealed for hygiene and freshness
  • Ability to cater for big and small establishments
  • Minimum order value of 25 biscuits, with the capacity to produce as many as 10.000+ units

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