Amy Louise bites into personalised biscuit made by BLoom Bakers

Influencer/ Blogger Collaborations

Over the past few years we have had the pleasure of baking our bespoke and personalised biscuits as part of influencer and blogger collaborations. We find the mutual benefitial relationship a great way to showcase our product and brand to a wider audience, while the influencers gain a great personalised product for their special event.

Happy birthday iced biscuit made by BLoom Bakers
Everly is 2 Birthday biscuits made by Bloom Bakers
Christening biscuits collaboration with influencer and Bloom Bakers
Bloom Bakers influencer biscuit box

How we choose to work with influencers and bloggers

We sponsor these events mostly on a no cost or severely reduced price basis, which means we have to be very mindful of how much time and energy we place into these collaborations.

Since we are a business, it is worth bearing in mind that paying clients will always take precedent. As such, it is important for us to understand the following:

  • The particular event the biscuits are for
  • The date the biscuits need to be delivered by
  • The quantity required
  • The style of biscuits ideally suited to your event
  • The stats for your blog or social media page

Unfortunately we cannot accept every request and grant every influencer our biscuits. But if we have the capacity in our work schedule will endeavour to work with you.

So please do email us or fill out the below contact form with the specifics for your event.


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