Biscuits to shine a light on brain awareness week

Katie Hart


50 hand-iced branded biscuits

Turnaround time:

2 weeks

Additional elements:

Individually wrapped in compostable transparent bags

Brain awareness week

Katie called us up one morning in real excitement! She had been following us on LinkedIn for a while now but had yet to find a reason to order biscuits. But now she had one. She wanted bespoke hand-iced biscuits for brain awareness week. Together we decided to capture her unique logo perfectly in biscuit form.

Brain week hand iced biscuits for Katie Hart
Katie hart logo
neurodiverse marketing logo biscuits for Katie Heart

This was a real team effort once again. From the technical point of view of recreating the exact shape of her logo with a 3D printed cookie stamp, to the expert baking and hand mixing of all the colours and finally expertly piping all 50 biscuits.


“I cannot thank the team at Bloom Bakers enough for their exceptional service and products. They patiently helped me to work out what I wanted and created a bespoke design for me.

They then proceeded to bake and speedily deliver the most fabulous biscuits which I am both proud and excited to be sending out to my customers.

And as for their taste? In the words of my 8 year old daughter: “All biscuits should taste like this”. I cannot wait for an excuse to work with you all again!”

Katie Hart

Bespoke Corporate Biscuits

We specialise in creating bespoke/ personalised biscuits for businesses. If you are interested in learning more about how our biscuits can serve your company then do read more about our service on our dedicated page corporate & branded biscuits page.

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