Garden Flower Biscuits

Nick Claiden is a local Leeds artist. Claiden lives close to our premises and during lockdown, her husband ordered some bespoke biscuits for her birthday from us. To make it truly personal he asked if we could copy some of her drawings on a biscuit. When the box was finished it sparked the idea that her design worked so well on our biscuits that we asked her if she wanted to collaborate.

The Start

The story behind these flowers is even more special as Claiden started drawing all the flowers in this collection during lockdown. Her thought was a flower a day keeps the madness away. So that is what she did, she drew a flower each day!

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Flowers of Lockdown

On this Claiden says: “At the beginning of the lockdown I challenged myself to do a flower a day from my garden. Flower painting not being something I do normally.

They gave me 60 moments of meditation, relaxation, away from the stress and strangeness of these times. They also provided me with an opportunity to learn new techniques give me a sense of achievement and satisfaction in a time where I found it very difficult to create my usual artwork.

The result is a portfolio of garden flower paintings which is an idiosyncratic and personal record of spring and summer.

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Shop the Garden Flowers

The Garden Flower Biscuit Box can be ordered on the Bloom Bakers webshop:
Garden Flower biscuit boxes. And keep your eyes peeled as this is the first in a new category of fondant covered biscuits that we are calling ‘Made By Artists biscuits’

You can find and order prints from Nick Claiden’s flower collection from her website as well.

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