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For 5 years, Bloom Bakers was a side project for us. We were mainly new mums, still worked part-time, and were generally just trying to figure out life. Bloom Bakers was where we got creative, found time for ourselves, played, learned.

And here we are. Same beautiful biscuits with a personal touch, same ethos of using the best ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, but ready to grow, and supported by three wonderful women.

Join us in welcoming Holly, Amy and Shirley!

Team Bloom

Holly, Amy and Shirley have been with us for nearly two months now. Having them on board has made the world of a difference. It is the beginning of another exciting journey for us, the one of being an employer… Our vision is to shake up the job market, and to reduce the stigma around working mums. All five of us are mothers, our children will always be our number one priority, but this does not mean we don’t work hard or can’t take our careers seriously. What it does mean is that we work school hours, and are very flexible.

To read more about the truth behind juggling motherhood with running a business, head over to our blog.



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