Nibbles Christmas tree

Nibbles Christmas tree

Sometimes it so happens that you find little gems online. And that is exactly what happened to me when I was looking for some Christmas dinner inspiration. I came across this lovely nibbles Christmas tree from Dutch food Blogger Pauline. The idea is so simple, but the effect is grand!! I love it. I am definitely going to crafty with my kids next weekend!

The recipe on her page is in Dutch. I have to give full credits to her for the recipe/DIY guide and the pictures. I kindly asked her if I could translate it so that I could share it with you. It is super easy to make! And your guests will love it.

So here we go!

You will need

  • Diced cheese
  • Small sausages
  • Cucumber
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Grapes


  • Foam cone of 20Cm
  • Aluminium foil
  • toothpicks
  • star shaped cookie cutter


Cover your foam cone in aluminium foil. Cut the cucumber in slices and cut out stars with a small star-shaped cookie cutter.

Now you put all the ingredients on a toothpick. If the picks are too long you can cut then in half with scissors.

You can follow the pattern on the picture above, but feel free to let your creative juices flow!! The sky is the limit when decorating Christmas trees. There just is no right or wrong!! This is a perfect project to do with kids as well. They will love decorating such a tiny tree. And they will enjoy nibbling from it later on. Be careful with the toothpicks and their pointy ends though…

Save your nibbles Christmas tree in a cool place. To keep it fresh for when it needs to be served. It will look royal in between a nice table with bubbly glasses ready to make a Christmas toast!

If you’re looking for more Christmas inspiration then check out our seasonal products such as lebkuchen, stollen,  mulling syrup and speculoos biscuits!

If you liked this post and are getting crafty with this tree then we would love to see us your creations via Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook use the hashtag #bloombakers and we will find it!

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