Personalised Biscuits by Post

In today’s global world, many of us live far away from friends and family. We have less time and opportunity to chat over a quick cup of tea or to meet up for a drink in the local café. That doesn’t mean however, that we love or think about our friends and family less. It is just that showing love and appreciation becomes a little bit harder when we can’t just pop round for a visit or give them a hug.

Personalised biscuits by post

In comes the mailman. The art of writing long letters seems to have become a thing of the past in this ultra fast digital age. But we still write birthday cards, wedding cards, newborn wishes on cards, etc. And there is still something magical about a trip to the mailbox, imagining the journey that a card needs to go on to arrive at its destination.


Words on cards are beautiful. But here at Bloom Bakers we go one step further to create the sweetest of personalised gifts. We create boxes of bespoke biscuits that are engraved with words that have special meaning to both you and the recipient.

Words are the cornerstone of our personalised biscuits. They are what make our biscuit boxes so incredibly special, attentive and meaningful. At the end of the day, those words will carry themselves so much further than anything materialistic that you could give.

Previous boxes of personalised biscuits that we make have been adorned with messages for special occasions, such as:


Box of bespoke happy birthday biscuits


Will you be my bridesmaid biscuits laid out on a table


Bespoke biscuits for an anniversary celebration


Personalised Christening Biscuits by Bloom Bakers

Mothers (and Fathers) Day

Bespoke biscuits made for mum on mother's day

Shipping Internationally

Sending your personalised biscuits by post is no problem for us at all. And what is best: The treats box will fit through most UK letterboxes!

While we ship most of our biscuits to mainland UK, our biscuits have travelled all around Europe (but could travel further afield if needs be due to the fairly long shelf life of the biscuit variety we use).

If you would like us to create a personalised biscuit box for you, then please do get in touch with – we are very happy to discuss the options available. Alternatively, you can have a look in our shop here and browse biscuit box options.

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