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Scamp & Dude
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300 jam biscuits impressed with different brand messages

Turnaround time:

50 shipped every week over a 6 week period

One for the team

One of our team members absolutely loves Scamp & Dude. When she was tasked with approaching brands to set up collaborations she immediately reached out to them. It didn’t take long for them to come back to us to say they would love to collaborate with us.

As it turned out they had just started a new line of mugs for their homeware collection and thought it would be great to send out a biscuit with their mug sales.

scamp and dude plus Bloom Bakers jam biscuits
Scamp and dude logo
Bloom Bakers biscuit in scamp and dude mug

It has been a real pleasure making these biscuits for a brand with such a deep moral conscience and ethical approach. Do check them and their colourful clothing out if you have not yet heard from them.

Check out the collaboration introduction video here!


“I just wanted to say thanks for the biscuits they are amazing!  Thank you so much.”

Jo Tutchener-Sharp, Scamp & Dude

Bespoke Corporate Biscuits

We specialise in creating bespoke/ personalised biscuits for businesses. If you are interested in learning more about how our biscuits can serve your company then do read more about our service on our dedicated page corporate & branded biscuits page.

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