The story behind our Red Wine Cake

The story behind our Red Wine Cake

You might have heard or even been lucky enough to try a sample of the latest product we introduced last Saturday at Kirkstall Deli Market: red wine cake!

Red wine in a cake?! That was the overwhelming response we got. Yep, and you know what, there is chocolate in there too! What can possibly go wrong?! According to all those who sampled it last Saturday not much.

Thanks for trying and for all the positive feedback!

A special cake?

The thing is that in Germany a red wine cake is nothing out of the ordinary. That’s why I didn’t even think about introducing it to the Bloom Bakers product range. But when Saskia sampled it and couldn’t get over the taste of red wine in a cake, we decided to bring it to the market.

The most momentous cake my mum ever baked…

The recipe we are using is very dear to me. And there comes a wonderful story with it:
My mum used to work in a school for children with special needs. They were celebrating a summer fete and everyone was asked to bring something.

My mum, who loathes baking, did the one cake she likes, her red wine cake. As the party was in full swing, suddenly someone shouted: “Oh my Goodness I will get married to the woman who baked this cake!!”. It was my mum’s new colleague… Well, the rest is history. Over two decades and two children later they still enjoy a slice of red wine cake together.

Grab a slice at our stall the next Kirkstall Deli Market on June 25th, only £2 a slice. Remember that we bake whole cakes to order as well, email

All the best,

Lisa & Saskia

Note: One cake contains about 250ml of red wine. It should evaporate during the baking process and I had it ever since I was a child, but you might not choose to share it with your children or stay off it if you are pregnant.

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