The adventure is beginning!

The adventure is beginning!

Around Christmas Saskia dropped me an email saying she would do it and if I wanted to be part of it I just need to say the word. I didn’t have to think twice. We have wanted to start selling our biscuits and apple pies for so long, but it was never the right time. It isn’t the right time now either, but good things don’t always come to those who wait and sometimes you just need to brave it.

We are doing it all!

And here we are! Three months in we have been brainstorming, baking, tasting, sharing, number crunching, package sample testing, shopping, researching, comparing, applying, photographing…just to mention a few jobs!

Our website is live, we have confirmed market dates for Kirkstall Deli Market for every last Saturday of the month between March and November and we are doing it! It is an understatement to say that we are excited! We cannot wait to share this with you! The preparation has been fun, but a bit lonely and theoretical at times. We want to be out there now, get to know more lovely Leeds folk, meet customers and other traders and hear all about what people think of our products.

Market days

Make sure you come and say hi and try some free samples of our delicious Germanic treats at Kirkstall Deli market. You can find us there every last Saturday of the month between 12-3pm!

See you soon,

Lisa & Saskia

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