The ultimate Dutch pancake recipe

The ultimate Dutch pancake recipe

Pancake Day is here! Since the Dutch “celebrate” pancake day pretty much twice a month, we were asked by the Yorkshire Evening Post to share our recipe for authentic Dutch pancakes. In case you missed it, here we go again: Our recipe for thin and fluffy Dutch-style pancakes!

How to make classic Dutch pancakes

Pancake recipe (basic)

Prep 10 min Baking: 30 min (using two frying pans) Makes +/- 25 thin pancakes


250gr     self-raising flour

250gr     plain flour

1.2lt       milk (can also be almond milk)

2             eggs

1 tsp      Butter/ veg oil for each pancake


  1. Mix flour with ¾ of the milk until all the lumps are gone. I usually do this with a whisk, but feel free to use a hand mixer.


  1. When you have a smooth mixture you add the two eggs. Mix again until they have been fully incorporated in the mixture. Then add the remainder of the milk.


  1. The secret to getting a worthy 1st pancake is all in the temperature of the pan. It needs to be piping hot for the first pancake to work. So put the frying pan on the heat without oil or butter in it and let it become hot. Then add the butter/oil and when that is hot you scoop in your batter.


  1. Flip over when the batter is no longer runny in the centre and the edges of the pancake start to brown. When the other side has browned take the pancake out of the frying pan.


Mix things up a bit this Pancake Day

Try this exciting filling

Our apple & beetroot compote is a delight with pancakes! Find the recipe here.

Beer pancakes for extra fluffiness

250gr     self-raising flour 250gr     plain flour 900ml    milk (can also be almond milk) 300ml   beer 1             egg 1 tsp      butter/ oil for each pancake

Cinnamon pancakes

Add  a teaspoon of cinnamon to the basic pancake recipe

Spinach pancakes

Add 75 grams of finely chopped spinach to the basic pancake recipe.


Happy Pancake Day!

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