150 logo impressed fondant biscuits

Turnaround time:

1 week

Additional elements:

We created a bespoke 3D cutter to match Timely’s logo

Logo impressed biscuits

Timely were after branded biscuits to go in the goodie bags for one of their events. They came to us with the specific request of wanting their exact logo impressed into fondant biscuits. On top of this, they needed the fondant to match their brand colour. So they send us over the exact Pantone colour to work towards.

We created the bespoke stamp with our in-house 3D printer and colour matched the fondant. The result was a beautiful blush coloured branded biscuit.

Timely branded biscuits logo impresses by Bloom Bakers
Timely logo
Timely logo impressed biscuits in hand

Why they chose us over other biscuit bakers:

“We chose you as our biscuit supplier as you understood the brief. I also liked the look of your biscuits over anyone else’s. Most of the other suppliers I was in touch with were trying to sell me a shortbread biscuit with white icing, and then the Timely logo stamped on top of it but that really wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted the blush/brand coloured icing and embossed logo. This was absolutely the right decision.” – J. Fitzgerald.


“The cookies were gorgeous and absolutely delicious! And they looked oh-so-cute in our Goodie Bags.”

Jessica Fitzgerald, Timely

Bespoke Corporate Biscuits

We specialise in creating bespoke/ personalised biscuits for businesses. If you are interested in learning more about how our biscuits can serve your company then do read more about our service on our dedicated page corporate & branded biscuits page.

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