Team Bloom Bakers win award

Did you know that ALL:

  • your biscuits are baked and decorated by mothers
  • your emails are answered by mothers
  • our newsletters are written by mothers
  • Marketing strategies are thought out by mothers
  • Business development is guided by mothers
  • Operational structures are defined by mothers
  • and the list goes on…

In the Socratic dialogue ‘Republic’, Plato famously wrote: “Our need will be the real creator”. This was later translated into the English proverb: Necessity is the mother of all invention.

Back in 2016, our principal need as mums to young children was to create a work/life balance that allowed us to be the mothers we wanted to be. This meant creating a place of work where our jobs were built around our children, not the other way round.

As we grew this business we kept coming back to that same question: “Are we shaping this to suit our lifestyles? Or are we simply copying what has been done before?”

It’s been the question that has guided us to create a workplace, however unconventional, that works for us and our families.

As we grew in numbers, we knew we wanted to extend this same option to our employees and showcase that hiring women with children in a structure like ours can work extremely well.

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