What does Germanic mean?

What does Germanic mean?

So what does Germanic mean?

We appreciate the fact that not everyone might be aware of the exact meaning of the word ‘Germanic’. It is not a term that is used frequent in relation to baking. It is much more commonly used when it comes to linguistics. But first and foremost it is important to understand that it means so much more than just German alone.

People are very familiar with the term ‘Nordic’. ‘Nordic design’ really conjures up an image with people. Well, Germanic is not far off from Nordic. The Nordic group of people encompass Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The Germanic group of people takes from that pool Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland and adds to it the countries from the North of continental Europe: The Netherlands, Belgium (Flemish), Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. People living in these countries speak a language that is derived from their common ancestor which is known as Common Germanic.

Our aim

At Bloom Bakers, we predominantly want to showcase treats from The Netherlands and Germany. They are our home countries and the bakes we know best. But we have both traveled the region a lot and there are some excellent treats from the countries surrounding us. Think¬†Danish pastries, British scones, Austrian Sacher Torte, etc. In the future we aim to find the best Germanic treats to share with our customers. By doing so we hope to invoke a real understanding of what Germanic treats are. So that people will come to know and embrace the term just like the term ‘Nordic’.

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