What is live biscuit printing for events?

An edible experiential event experience that allows your audience to print their selfies/pictures onto a biscuit.

  • Add to this:
    • your company logo
    • slogan
    • hashtag
    • bespoke picture frame
    • Etc.

Our live biscuit printing station, surrounded by your branding, gives your audience a reason to engage with your brand in real life (IRL) and on social media. Let your audience print their selfie on a biscuit at your event, and watch them share it with the world via your desired hashtag.

After all, who wouldn’t want to share a selfie in a novel way on a cookie!?

Client review

I have worked with Bloom Bakers on a conference we were sponsoring. From the planning to execution, Lisa has been so helpful and professional. The biscuits were amazing and our attendees LOVED them. I truly recommend this company! 10/10

Sivan Bell, Marketing Events Manager at Rivery

How it works

Our team is equipped with mobile phones to take selfies and photos onsite.

Our exclusive on-site biscuit printing technology live prints images directly onto our delicious handmade biscuits. We will set up on-site so that your guests/audience can experience the full printing process from up close.

Experiential Marketing

Live biscuit printing for events falls under the banner of experiential marketing. The real-time biscuit printing of pictures taken on site is a perfect way to actively engage with your guests or audience and to capture their attention both during and after the event. 

In the UK many people are still not familiar with the concept, but in the experiential marketing industry it is a big deal 65% of brands that use it say it positively correlates with sales

As such live biscuit printing is a great opportunity to maximise your ROI, and get amazing brand impact. We can even add your logo to every selfie biscuit. Giving you a long-lasting brand impression as most people will take their biscuits home or snap a picture and post it online to share with their followers.

About our biscuits

  • All our white fondant-topped biscuits are handmade in our 5* biscuit bakery.
  • 100% handmade in the UK
  • They have an 8-week shelf life
  • The cookies are artisanal and hand-made from scratch and are approximately 7.5cm in size
  • We print directly on the icing surface with edible ink. We do not use wafer paper to put images onto the cookies.
  • They contain wheat, eggs and milk. Please note that we bake in a facility that handles gluten, eggs, dairy products, nuts, soya, and sulphites. We cannot guarantee that our products are free from trace amounts of any of these allergens.
WhatsApp Image 2022-09-16 at 10.54.39

What we provide:

    • On-site/ On demand live biscuit printing
    • (2) Onsite Staff 
    • pre-paid chosen amount of white frosted, 7.5cm round or square butter biscuits

What we need from you:

    • 2 x 1m workspace plus a space to place a backdrop against.
    • White or branded backdrop to take the pictures in front
    • Wifi access


We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch with your enquiry. And if you know the date of your event, then please do let us know it.

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