Lebkuchen Tin Reveal

Year 5 pupil designs Bloom Bakers’ premium Lebkuchen tin for the festive season of 2022.

Design competition winner Rafaella C. from Gledhow Primary School in North Leeds has hand-drawn the festive artwork featured on this year’s Bloom Bakers Lebkuchen tins. In the next few months, her design will travel all over the UK – as the tins filled with these delicious festive treats ship up and down the country.

Lebkuchen tin design 2022

“We are so proud to present our new tin design created by Rafaella. The vibrant Christmas themed colours and just all round great artistry of Rafaella’s design caught the eye of the entire Bloom Bakers team.”, says co-founder Lisa Shepherd.

The year 5 student of Gledhow Primary loves painting. She says she paints a lot in her free time, and that for her it is a way of expressing how she feels. Rafaella feels grateful to have been given the opportunity, as she says: “I took part in the competition because I am excited to try new things and I want to show my art to people.”

What are lebkuchen?

Lebkuchen the authentic German Gingerbread biscuit stacked witch a yellow ribbon around them

Lebkuchen are Bloom Bakers’ delightful little treats that taste exactly like the festive season should. This German version of gingerbread is rich, warming and comforting. Not only did they receive a Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food, they are the only premium artisan Lebkuchen baked to a traditional recipe here in the UK. Every year the Leeds based small business goes out of their way to create a beautiful new tin design.

History of the tin designs

In the past, Bloom Bakers worked with local Leeds graphic designers, artists and students. During the pandemic they featured a rainbow theme. This year however, they have gone back to the original idea of having a local student design their Lebkuchen tin. 

“Championing our Leeds community is hugely important to us. That is why we have always chosen to work with local businesses and people to create our tin designs.”, says co-founder Saskia Roskam.

“We were so pleased that Bloom Bakers involved our school in this. I was so excited to hear how pleased they were with the entrants; it was certainly a very popular competition.”, says Sarah Parkinson, Headteacher of Gledhow Primary School.

The Lebkuchen tins are now available to pre-order here.

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